Patient Audit

The audit below took place during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic.  Some of my patients filled in a short questionnaire as to their symptoms and wellbeing.  I am grateful to all those who took part and to the two researchers who have produced this report and supported me through the process.  This information is intended to describe what was happening during this period rather than to prove the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment.  

I interviewed Clare Relton in the summer of 2020, for the Society of Homeopaths journal, The New Homeopath, and she had this to say:

‘Describing what homeopaths do is the first step and it will lay solid foundations for the homeopathy profession and future research.  Letting patients speak is the means by which homeopathy will move forward.  This is a way for homeopathy to have its own voice heard and be a more recognised system of medicine, which has something valuable to offer.’