Dr. Tinus Smits, a Dutch homeopath with extensive experience of working with autistic children, came to the conclusion that autism is the result of an accumulation of different causative factors.

In his book, ‘Autism, Beyond Despair’, Tinus Smits writes

‘It is my belief and experience that the genetic theory which claims that autism is incurable is untenable.  A child’s genetics can only contribute to a certain vulnerability to contracting autism through a variety of injuries to healthy brain function.  But autism is not the result of permanent damage to the brain tissue; it is just a blockage that makes proper brain performance impossible.  Autism is not a permanent physical disease but an energetic disease.’

The CEASE approach to treating autism is a combination of classical homeopathy, nutrition and isopathy.  Isopathy is a method of using potencies of medications, vaccines, and other substances to clear the effects of these from the energy field.  Dr. Smits and others since him have had excellent results using this method.

If you would like to know more then please visit the CEASE website, www.cease-therapy.com.  or call me with your enquiry.  I am a registered CEASE therapist and have a particular interest in working with children on the autistic spectrum.

‘Dr Smits’ approach to treating autism stands out among many others for its clarity, simplicity and, perhaps most importantly, its focus on cause.’

J. B. Handley.  Co-Founder Generation Rescue